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Business card and the role of business card:

Card Visit is simple, it is a piece of paper with a short name, title, job, phone number, … Basic information, but necessary to introduce a person, a company or a team organization, to introduce people, organizations and other partners. No matter how good our memory is, we cannot keep all the information through word of mouth.

It is the information of an individual, or many individuals and organizations that we meet and interact with every day. When customers ask for your information! How would you feel when you had to run, run and find a pen and a piece of paper to write your contact information? Surely more impressive if you give customers a unique business card.

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The parameters of business cards:Business card printing has the same standard to ensure a beautiful design ratio, print quality and overall layout of business cards to the best: Indispensable information on business cardsPersonal name information Position, Personal Title Company name Company’s logo Company address Personal phone number, work phone number Email, Website, Facebook, social networking information Can add some operational and business services of the enterprise.

Standard business card size:Business cards are usually 54×90 mm (or 255×155 pixels) or 50×90 mm (255×140 pixels). When designing business cards, it is usually designed horizontally or vertically. For business cards with information, often designed horizontally. Business cards with little information are designed in vertical form. Standard business card size Standard business card size Impressive business card types:

Visit card with 4 corners and 2 symmetrical cornersBusiness card embossing logo, text, or part of texturesVisit card pressed pressed, pressed logo, pressed name, or part of the patternVisiting cards held in separate moldsBusiness card rolling on 2 sidesBusiness card printed in BrailleVisit in UV cards shaped.Impressive business cardsImpressive business card printing styles

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Paper for business card printing:The most popular is Couches 300gsm paper. Thick, sturdy, shiny paper on both sides. Fine art paper: Paper Conqueror, Paper Stardream, So … Silk, Monnalisa, Plike, Natural Evolution, Dali, Modigliani, Laid Contrast, Boheme Design, Boheme Neve, Kiara, Klassica, Magno Satin,

So … Jeans, Elica, Eco Green, Natural, Modi Dore, Dali Dore, Koehler, EuroPremium, Registro. Bristol paper, kraft paper, Ford paper (aka offset paper) Plastic and plastic materials Quantify regular business cards for business cards with a thickness of 200 gsm, 230 gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm. Each paper has its own characteristics, but the most popular is paper couches 300 gsm; The remaining paper types are relatively high cost.


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